Mobile companies Fraud expose Now you can save your balance

There are a lot of cases in which people lost their balance in using internet. Sometimes it happens that if you have the balance of 500 .And you just on your Mobile data connection you are all accounts balance will be used in 1 or 2 minutes even after that if you have a strong internet packajes or free internet MBs.
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Basically it is a fraud from the mobile companies they send you free data of internet and when you starts it to use you are all balance will be used and when you are account balance will be empty you got the massage from the Mobile company that your account balance is less than 10 or it is empty.   Due to this the user lost all his mobile cradit . And when they call to the mobile company they says that you are not
on pkjes or you internet boundle was ended and you use the internet even after the bundle ended. The second form of this Fraud that the mobile companies send you free internet data. Actually this free data was only or Whatsapp and sometimes it is for Facebook.
But this thing is not mentioned in the message which you got from the mobile companies. When the user got the data the started using YouTube and Google.Due to this YouTube and Goggle charges your account balance not you Whatsapp or Facebook data.
. That’s results you lost your balance. There are many ways to which you can use to save your balance from this Fraud :
1: First of All you hova to force stop of those apps in your Mobile phones which you cannot use normlly or you make their use very rare. Because in background these apps also chargers your balance or data even after you are not using them.
2: The second way of using internet without losing you balance even having mobile data package you have to call your mobile company helpline and asked them to turn of your internet use when you have do not your internet package or data bundle.
This thing is very helpful to you when you have Facebook or Whatsapp pakajes or by mistake you started using YouTube or Google . Your YouTube or Google even work not because you have the package of Whatsapp and Facebook not the Google or you tube . This thing will save your mobile balance in this Fraud which is done by the mobile companies.
3: This thing also help you in another matter that if you have great balance in your mobile account and you have no internet package.and by mistake you started using mobile internet .
If you have already called to the mobile companies helpline and you turned off your internet when you have no data bundle. Your mobile internet will not work even you can’t open Google YouTube, Facebook and Whatsapp.
They will work when you make your internet package. Due to which you account balance will not be charged when you have no internet bundle.
So These easily steps you have to perform and save your account balance from this Fraud of the mobile companies.
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